Unite to Reform

Unite to Remain is now Unite to Reform - supporting and facilitating electoral agreements between progressive and internationalist parties

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About us

Unite to Reform is changing the way we do politics. We are a group of political strategists, data scientists, campaigners and politicians who worked (as Unite to Remain) to build the unprecedented Remain Alliance in the December 2019 General Election by bringing together parties in England and Wales - the Liberal Democrats, Green Party and Plaid Cymru, to field a single candidate in 60 key parliamentary seats. As well as opposing Brexit our parties agreed on the need for greater action on climate change, addressing growing poverty, and constitutional reform including PR for the House of Commons. 

The overall result was of course very disappointing, despite the fact that in the large majority of constituencies where Unite to Remain operated the parties saw big gains in vote share, and stronger increases on average 5.6% higher than in non UTR seats. This gives us hope and a plan for the future.

A full analysis of what happened in UTR seats in the General Election can be found here - evidence that voters will support parties working together

UTR candidates on average polled 5.6% higher than non UTR candidates. The potential for future success has been demonstrated.

Looking forward the problem is this: if we continue to work along traditional party lines, we will split votes, allowing the ideological fringes of politics to win. We have a Prime Minister intent on taking the UK with a very poor and very hard Brexit deal. We can bring the latest polling and data insights to allow progressive and internationalist parties break through the unfair first past the post electoral system. We are the facilitator - providing resources and space for discussions between parties, encouraging them to agree to work together for the greater goal. We launched in November 2019 with the announcement of the most significant electoral pact since 1918. The result simply demonstrated that if progressive parties with similar objectives do not work together then they will be defeated by a unified populist Conservative Party.